Do you wish to sell your home? Let us show you how. Keep in mind, the first impression you make on a potential buyer may be the only impression you make.


Our goal is to help you realize the best attainable price for your property in the shortest amount of time. We will introduce you to practical ideas on how to successfully prepare your home to sell. These ideas require a minimum amount of time and expense to complete and are designed to make your home stand out from the competition.


First impressions are made at the street. A well-trimmed, clean yard has “curb appeal.” Flowers are inviting to the prospective buyer. Make sure front entrances are clean and free of obstacles. Often, a fresh coat of paint on a front door, porch or fence invites the buyer to see what is inside. They won’t buy if they don’t look. So, first impressions are important!

  1. Yard neatly cut
  2. Porch or entrance clean
  3. Flowers wherever possible
  4. Paint fences, doors and porches
  5. Refresh pine or bark areas


Once inside, the overall impression is usually made within 30 seconds!

A fresh, clean and open entry way is very important. Unusual wall colors or heavily patterned wallpapers do not suit everyone’s taste. Natural colors accent your home’s best features. Put your best foot forward and make everything shine and smell fresh.

The first step toward preparing your house is to start with the areas that can be cleaned and will stay clean. For some, that may be the attic, for others, the basement and for others, the closets that are used less often. Remember: Less clutter = More space the potential buyer sees.

CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN your kitchen. Take everything that is nonessential from the counter tops. Leave only the nicer things; for instance, a nice canister set and vase with flowers. You want potential buyers to feel as if they would be comfortable cooking or eating in your kitchen. Your kitchen can sell your home!

Make sure closets are neat and orderly. Do not stack things to the ceiling or clutter the floor.

Take one room at a time. Give away, pack away and throw away all unused or nonessential items. This includes thinning down tabletops, bookshelves, and drawers.

Clean bathrooms. Remove all personal products from sight. Your bathroom should seem clean, uncluttered, updated and in good working order.

Stage each room, making sure the furniture is in the best position to show off windows and any feature such as a fireplace or doorway to the outside. Open curtains and blinds so the rooms have the most light possible. Move out any furniture that obstructs a path or blocks a view.

Organize your basement to look like the space it was meant to be. If it is a workshop, make it tidy and well organized.

Finished basements add terrific living space. To ensure a potential buyer sees the possibilities, organize the space to maximize its overall appeal and functionality.

If your attic area is large enough for a potential buyer to walk in, make sure they can. Most buyers do know that an attic is used for storage, but they should be able to get an idea of the space.


The roof may be one of the most important aspects of a home. The question is always asked, “How old is the roof?” So, it is good to prepare yourself with the right answer. If the roof is showing signs of age, it might be best to consult a professional to evaluate and correct any problems such as lose or broken shingles, tiles or flashing. If the roof is coming to the end of its warranty, you might consider replacing it before the home is listed. This also applies to gutters.

Arrange and clean patio and pool areas if present. This area should make potential buyers want to sit down and relax. They should be able to envision entertaining their friends here.

Small details make big statements about the perceived condition of your home. A home that shows poorly, as a result of peeling paint or simply the smell of mildew, may create the feeling that the property has not been properly cared for. If your home leaves the buyer with this impression, it can cost you valuable time and money.


    • Now that your home is clean and organized, if you still want to sell it, please go through this final check list:
    • Have your front door neat and appealing.
    • Light every light, open every curtain, open every shade.
    • Do not leave any bed unmade or any clothing on the floor or scattered about.
    • Use lemon-scented products when possible, especially in the bathroom and kitchen.
    • Make sure no faucets are dripping and that all sinks are clean.
    • Do not burn highly scented candles to try and cover up pet odors or smoke.
    • Do use an air purifier if you smoke. Many buyers, who do not smoke, may not even consider your home though it may be ideal for them.
    • Clean any carpets or rugs. Some may need to be replaced if they appear worn. Neutral colored carpeting should be considered.
    • Paint if necessary, fresh paint makes a room feel clean. Use neutral colors that do not darken the rooms.
    • Plan as though you would have me walk through your home and give you my impression.